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Music has the wonderful power to
instantly turn any negative feelings
into positive feelings.


2024.May, 27th – 3 singles released worldwide
1. “Now and Forever” English-Long version
2. “Now and Forever” English-Short version
3.『月がロマンを照らすから ~Moonlit Romance~』

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2023.November – BASE shop / New line ups!

NEWS! – 2023, Nov, 5th.
[Crystal bowl healing sound]
Seven chakras activation + healing meditation + Zamami (Okinawa) ocean sounds!
Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism “Seven Rays from the Sun” Silicon and Sound Therapy Mysterious Relaxation with sound therapy instruments.
Brand New Songs – Crystal Bow Sound, Piano Version Music, Orchestra Arrange Instruments Music are NOW ON SALE! 


①アメリカのワールドラジオチャート第4位獲得楽曲『Now and Forever』のオーケストラアレンジバージョン!
②Now and Foreverのピアノ演奏バージョン登場!
③『勇気のたてがみ/The Mane of Courage』のオーケストラアレンジバージョン登場!

2nd Album CD “Epigenetics” on sale!
-June 21th, 2022- on BASE shop

2nd アルバムCD『Epigenetics』(全10曲入り)発売開始!

Click the image above to go to CD SHOP

SpaceWind 2nd Album CD(全8曲+2バージョン=合計10曲入り/12Pブックレット内包)
¥5,000 税込







SpaceWind 2nd Album CD (8 songs + 2 versions = 10 songs in total / 12P booklet included)
¥5,000 tax included
A separate shipping fee will be charged.

SpaceWind’s long-awaited second album is finally here! In addition to all 8 songs, it is a CD with a total of 10 songs, including 2 versions.
This work, which has expanded the range of musicality, is finished as a piece that is more satisfying to listen to than the previous work, such as a remix.
In addition to the lyrics, the 12-page booklet includes SpaceWind’s own comments, newly taken photos, and magnificent space photographs. The CD jacket uses different designs on the front and back for a stylish finish.
Please enjoy the music of SpaceWind!

  • Illegal acts such as plagiarism and resale are strictly prohibited. Also, be sure to check the compatibility status of your CD player.

■ Point of interest 1: [“Emotion and happiness energy” injection CD]
(1) The energy of the CD jacket, booklet, and overall content of the CD by “Mr. E of Onmyoji no Waza” known to those in the know and the chain of happiness

  1. “Entering the energy of excitement and happiness to the listener” to the “CD sound source master tape” by a spiritual healer facing Sagami Bay
    ●This is a pops album CD with “impression and happiness energy” by two artists.

■ Attention point 2: [What is Epigenetics? ]
The substance of epigenetics is DNA.
To put it plainly, the theme is “You can change your life, your genes, your future, your destiny.”
Genes have ON and OFF switches, and depending on the environment and one’s own will, it may be possible to create, mutate, and express the individuality of cells.
From the time when as many people as possible live with limits on themselves, saying, “I don’t have the talent I was born with,” I have the intention of “changing my destiny with a DNA switch.” I hope that the time will come when I will live as a hero.

I, SpaceWind’s [Complete Lyric Emphasis] “World View of the Lyrics” is mostly based on “the motif of the universe that goes beyond mere romantic feelings between men and women”.
Please enjoy many keywords such as “earth, full moon, half moon, crescent moon, galaxy, comet, artificial satellite Kaguya”.

Also, [impressed! gorgeous! Magnificent arrangement sound! ] is the motto, the dramatic sound is the true value of SpaceWind sound.


Now and Forever -Download Single “Japanese/日本語” on Sale

”Now and Forever” – Other Music Store Lists

”The Mane of Courage / 勇気のタテガミ” – Other Music Store Lists

Album CD ”Beyond The Blue” on Amazon in Japan

Get Album CD ”Beyond The Blue” including 9 tracks on Amazon in Japan

”Beyond The Blue” – 9 tracks Album CD (Album Mastering Version) on iTunes/Apple Music Store

Recorded song titles are :
Moonlit Romance, ALIVE, Diamond Slice, Galaxy Rose, I’m in love, Now and Forever, Heart and Soul (TAMASHII NO MONSHO), Beyond The Blue, No More Cry

Get “Beyond The Blue” Album including 9 tracks / Download on iTunes.


Hey, tell me
With tears shed to make that dream come true
Or tears shed to give up
Which is more painful?

その夢 叶えるための涙と

Lyrics from “ALIVE”

©℗ SpaceWind


Oct, 7th, 2020

This year is one and a half months left.
Are you doing well?

I’m busy writing screenplays for my PV, outsourcing websites and recreating them.
I’m a sole proprietor, so if I don’t move, I can’t get a job, so I have to do my best.

By the way, this year, everyone is caught up in the whirlpool of Covid-19, and there is a sense of blockage all over the world.
Everyone is hard.

So I pray and hope that everyone’s life and work will develop without being threatened by various negative factors.

Music has the wonderful power to instantly turn any negative feelings into positive feelings.

When I was a teenager, music saved my heart and subconscious.

That’s why I want to give energy, courage, and positive emotions to various people through my music and circulate them.
Let’s listen to my song called “Now and Forever” sang by Japanese.

The artist website and other sites are currently undergoing renewal work due to changes in the server and
Anyway, I hope that you spend the remaining one and a half years in 2020 with a smile!

Thanks for reading.









是非、日本語歌唱ではありますが、私の『Now and Forever』という曲を聴いて音楽を楽しみ、元氣になってくださいね。

Brand new song “The Mane of Courage / 勇氣のたてがみ” PV is now on shooting!

The latest brand new song, “The Mane of Courage / Yuki No Tategami”, is a ballad song with a beautiful melody that was written to encourage and be close to the emotions of two real female friends of SpaceWind.

In “The Mane of Courage / Yuki No Tategami” promotion video, planning, production, and shooting are in progress to produce a promotion video based on the original story of the true story of SpaceWind and the script.

Also, since it is a music artist video, it will include SpaceWind singing scenes by my/herself.
Please looking forward to what it will look like and how wonderful video it will be!


『勇氣のたてがみ』では、SpaceWind原作の実話というオリジナルストーリーと脚本によるPromotion Videoを製作すべく、企画・製作・撮影進行中です。

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