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Song List

🎼The Mane of Courage / 勇氣のたてがみ

A song written by SpaceWind thinking of two real friends.
She wants to encourage the hearts of those friends who suddenly have unreasonable matters in their lives with this song.
“The lyre that sleeps in your heart, which has stopped in sadness, awakens and makes a sound when it receives a headwind. When you take a step to inspire courage, the melody of hope echoes high in the sky.”
This is the image of the motif SpaceWind drew.
Arranged into a ballad song that spins the listener’s feelings with a beautiful melody.


🎼The Spirit of Freedom


Do you know the psychological term “Zone”?
Also known as the “Flow” state.


Flow is characterized by a feeling of complete immersion and energetic concentration in what humans are doing at the time, completely absorbed, and the process succeeds in vigor.
It refers to the mental state of an activity like that.
Also known as zones, peak experiences, selflessness, and forgetfulness.
Advocated by psychologist Chixent Mihaly, the concept is widely controversial across all disciplines.

Quote from Wikipedia

フロー(英: flow)とは、人間がそのときしていることに、完全に浸り、精力的に集中している感覚に特徴づけられ、完全にのめり込んでいて、その過程が活発さにおいて成功しているような活動における、精神的な状態をいう。


🎼No More Cry

A gem work that describes the feelings of a young woman who died from her loved one.
SpaceWind sings the heroine who tries to live positively and hard while feeling “screaming” with a suppressed voice tone.
It adds emotion to the song as a whole and strikes the listener’s heart.


🎼Beyond The Blue

🎼魂の紋章 -Heart and Soul-

🎼Now and Forever ~永遠の彼方~

“Now and Forever” is sung with lyrics inspired by the video “Blue Earth rising from the horizon of the moon” sent by the space satellite KAGUYA to JAXA on the earth in an up-tempo groove song.
SpaceWind hopes that the romance of exploring the universe will continue forever from generation to generation so that the splendor of our lives living in the treasure trove of life on the beautiful blue planet earth will not be terminated by humankind. Hymn.
The song features an impressive and original phrase of the overdubbed “chorus” by SpaceWind herself, “Wow wow ~ ♪”, which is inserted in all of the intro, bridge, and ending.
It is a danceable and grooved pop number that incorporates the Japanese musical instruments “koto, drum, shakuhachi, wadaiko” as the identity of SpaceWind herself.

アップテンポなグルーヴ楽曲に、宇宙衛星かぐやが地球のJAXAに送信した映像「月面地平線から昇る青い地球」にインスパイアされて書いた歌詞を載せて歌う「Now and Forever~永遠の彼方~」。
イントロ、ブリッジ、エンディングの全てに挿入されている「Wow wow~♪」というSpaceWind本人による多重録音「コーラス」の印象的でオリジナリティーあふれるフレーズが特徴的な楽曲。

🎼I’m in love

🎼銀河の薔薇 -Galaxy Rose-

The most difficult song in SpaceWind’s composition history.
The motif of the song is the universe and romantic feelings.
Each galaxy and nebla that blooms in the infinite universe is likened to a rose, and the magnificent lyrics and magnificent melody are finished with an overwhelmingly exciting arrangement to express one big love.
It spells out the feelings of women, men and women who swear eternal love in the temple of the universe.



🎼月がロマンを照らすから -Moonlit Romance-

A song that sings the feelings of the heroine who is approaching the turning point of life.
By using the expression of returning the surname to the maiden name in the lyrics, the embarrassed feelings of a woman are depicted as swaying between the curse from the past and the meticulousness of the future.

Crescent moon, midday moon, and full moon.
By using a phrase that fills the moon reflected in the sky that the heroine looks up at, it expresses how the heroine’s emotions are gradually and powerfully filled.
The poetic depiction of the heroine, who is determined not to go back to the past and to end the path she chose as it is.

The musical elements are composed of A melody, B melody, climax C melody, and bridge D melody.
The powerful lyrics sung in the D melody are the essence of this song, and the part where you can feel the catharsis.
Don’t miss it because it’s a lyrical phrase that brilliantly declares that “I will continue to renew my best self in my history and spend all the rest of my time doing it”!





This is my first memorable recording song.

At the live concert, I sing as the first song of the opening, playing one piano only and singing by myself.
The whole story covers the power of symbolic lyrics.

Hey, tell me
With tears shed to make that dream come true
Or tears shed to give up
Which is more painful?

その夢 叶えるための涙と


🎼奇蹟の夜 -Holy Night-

🎼星の雪 -Star Snow-

🎼プレアデスの雫 -Drops of Pleiades-

🎼どうしてなの? / Why?

In Preparateion

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