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<Music Introduction>
“Now and Forever” is sung with lyrics inspired by the video “Blue Earth rising from the horizon of the moon” sent by the space satellite Kaguya to JAXA on the earth in an up-tempo groove song.

<Lyrics Theme>
SpaceWind hopes that the romance of exploring the universe will continue forever from generation to generation so that the splendor of our lives living in the treasure trove of life on the beautiful blue planet earth will not be terminated by humankind. Hymn.

<Sound Design>
The song features an impressive and original phrase of the overdubbed “chorus” by SpaceWind herself, “Wow wow ~ ♪”, which is inserted in all of the intro, bridge, and ending.

It is a danceable and grooved pop number that incorporates the Japanese musical instruments “koto, drum, shakuhachi, wadaiko” as the identity of SpaceWind herself.

<Music Author Display>
Title: Now and Forever
Artist: SpaceWind
Lyrics and composer: SpaceWind
©℗ SpaceWind

アップテンポなグルーヴ楽曲に、宇宙衛星かぐやが地球のJAXAに送信した映像「月面地平線から昇る青い地球」にインスパイアされて書いた歌詞を載せて歌う「Now and Forever~永遠の彼方~」。


イントロ、ブリッジ、エンディングの全てに挿入されている「Wow wow~♪」というSpaceWind本人による多重録音「コーラス」の印象的でオリジナリティーあふれるフレーズが特徴的な楽曲です。


曲名 : Now and Forever
アーティスト : SpaceWind
作詞者、作曲者 : SpaceWind
©℗ SpaceWind

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