“Beyond The Blue” :
The reason why I became a psychology expert is
“Beyond Functional Singing Dysphonia for 8 years”

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🎵 『Beyond The Blue』にこめたメッセージ(長文):私が心理学の専門家になった理由


Japan is the longest-lived country in the world and is said “100 years of life”.

I’m already at the turning point in my life, after middle age.
I translated this LONG article into English in the hope that my past painful experiences, which I write below, will give someone an opportunity to “fundamentally solve” someone’s worries around the world.

I hope this confession of mine will be close to your heart, just as music is close to your heart.

In a long life, many things happen as long as you are alive.

I sincerely hope that everyone has dignity and can live a healthy and happy life in their hearts, bodies, minds, health, romance, and relationships.

So let’s get started.

● The song I wrote when I was worried, despaired, and anxious about my life : “Beyond The Blue”

I wrote this song “Beyond the Blue” when I was having trouble with everything about work, family, balance of love and relationships, and self-actualization by singing songs.

I think the word “blue” has the meaning of melancholy and sorrow, so when we go beyond that kind of sadness, I believe we feel someday “Oh, the joy and happiness we have now is because of that sadness.”

Some of the people who listen to this song may be hit by a difficult time in their lives.
Someone may be depressed and worried because he/she has a broken heart, or is in poor health, or has lost something important, or has failed to do what he/she wants to do.

I wrote this song as a ballad song that encourages people with such pains and want to be close to them.

Actually, around this time, I had been suffering from the symptom that I couldn’t sing as I expected for eight years.

At first, I thought my technique was immature.

I thought that I shouldn’t try to sing well nor sing louder without knowing how to relax.

But I just couldn’t get rid of the force from the vocal cords and throat from the emotional block.

There was no voice trainer who could follow my mind, rather than being stuck in my head and body.
There was no one.

Everyone can only teach vocal techniques.

And I realized that my whole life (romance, family relationships, work, health, hobbies, etc.) might be overshadowed by my own state of mind.

That’s right.
Isn’t my life and the symptoms of poor singing voices dying because of psychogenicity?
I came up with the answer.

● The reason I learned psychology and became an expert : Functional singing dysphonia for 8 years.

I can’t sing even one bar properly and my voice turns over.
Even at low pitches, the more I can use my voice and try to sing, the more painful it becomes and the more I can’t sing, which is a vicious cycle.

And the reason why I couldn’t sing was because of psychogenicity.
It was because I hadn’t fundamentally resolved the traumatic feud with my father, who was strict, domestic violence, and male-dominated.
Even after I became an adult and became an active member of society, I lived without healing the feelings of feud with my father.

What is my psychogenic identity?
It is that I have lived without resolving “rebelliousness that cannot forgive my father”, which is a feeling of conflict with my father.

And I was taught and imitated the “concept of bad habits” that I had never known before.
It is kind of eating disorder called post-eating vomiting syndrome, in which a friend who majors in music and vocal music does not want to gain weight, so she goes to the toilet after eating a meal and puts her hand in her mouth to vomit.

Although I had a fun job, I had an eating disorder that caused me to overeat and vomit repeatedly on weekends due to the stress of relationships at work.
The unbalanced unhealthyness of my mind created a “problem” in my life that could lead to the loss of the singing voice that I thought was the second most important thing after my life.

To a strict father, “I can’t say what I want to say or tell, I swallow words. And I vomit. I can’t say what I want to say or tell, I swallow words. And I vomit.” It produced a bad lifestyle-related disease called post-eating vomiting syndrome.
The result of repeated bad habits without a healthy mental imbalance has created physical symptoms that upset the singing voice.

I wasn’t interested in the word psychology or the subconscious because it was an era that was not familiar to the general public.

The phenomenon that happened to me made me realize how important my mind status is, even in my entire life other than singing songs.

● About traumatic feelings between parents and children

* Traumatic feelings between parents and children are called a negative legacy common to all humankind.

* Currently, the top management schools that support the Japanese business community are also incorporating meditation to heal “traumatic feelings between parents and children.”

● I realized the importance of rewriting the subconscious mind.

Do you know the psychological term “life script”?
A theory advocated by Canadian psychiatrist Eric Berne.
And even now, it is a method that is widely used in clinical practice.

The symptom of my singing voice was similar to the so-called “functional dysphonia”, and only when I sang the song, it reflected my state of mind.

And I started learning psychology to get my life back in my hands, to evolve and grow as I wish.

I started to take action to fundamentally solve my own mind and regain a voice that allows me to sing freely and sing with a relaxed sound.

I learned the relationship between “Surface Consciousness and Subconscious (including Unconscious)”, and learned how to rewrite the subconscious.
As a result, I learned a lot about quantum mechanics, neuroscience, and cognitive science.

● Beyond the painful eight years : “Beyond The Blue”

Then, in order to fundamentally resolve the feelings of conflict with my father, and to improve relationships with other people, I learned psychology, learned cognitive science, and began to regain my life in my own hands.
Yes, I did it!

That’s right!
Because I want to live a happy, prosperous and better life!
I want to enjoy singing more and more!

※ All of this was due to the fact that I left behind “conflict with my father, traumatic feelings” in the life script I wrote in my childhood.

I have been disappointed and regretted that I wanted to regain my youthful time after eight years of long days.
But now, because of these painful eight years, I understand from the bottom of my heart that the meaning of living a better life and the desire to impress and encourage people through music.

Now, I am able to practice a life of “doing what I always want to do the first and what I love the most, no matter how old I am.”
I am now grateful that it was thanks to my hard days.

Entering the middle of my life and beyond, I was able to change my life into a better way of life by studying psychology and rewriting my subconscious mind.
Now, while working as a psychology expert, I would like to continue to impress and stay close to people’s hearts with music.

From that time on, I decided to write lyrics that represent the feelings of the listener rather than singing the song I want to sing.


If you like my song, please let your friends know and recommend it.
“There is such a wonderful singer-songwriter in Japan! SpaceWind is singing really wonderful songs!”

Thank you for reading until the end.

I wish you a wonderful life, sharing it with your loved ones and living happily.

With lots of love from SpaceWind





このメッセージが、今辛いことが起こっている誰かの心に届いてくれることが、楽曲「Beyond The Blue」に私がこめた想いです。




●自分の人生に悩み、絶望し、不安だらけだった時期に書いた曲:”Beyond The Blue”

私が、仕事や家族、恋愛や人間関係のバランス、そして歌を歌うことで自己実現することに関して、何もかもがうまくいかなくなり、いろいろと悩んでいた頃に、この「Beyond the Blue」という曲を書きました。




























●苦しかった8年間の日々を超えて:Beyond the Blue









「日本に、こんな素敵なシンガーソングライターがいるよ! すっごく素敵な曲を歌っているよ!」ってね。







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