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-Why am I doing music?


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SpaceWind is a ballad-type singer-songwriter who sings beautiful melodies with a magnificent arrangement and makes you cry.
The exciting ballad is the true value.

At the same time, she also sings up-tempo pop songs with a gorgeous arrangement that she is good at.

A singer-songwriter who sings “love, dreams, and hope” with the motif and theme of “universe and soul,” which goes beyond a mere love story between men and women.


“SpaceWind” learns playing piano from age 5 and vocals from age 17.

“SpaceWind” was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20’s.

Her personality was active and cheerful on the surface, but on the inside she was sometimes sentimental due to her lack of self-actualization, so the surface behaved well, but with an internally suppressed emotion grow up.

When “SpaceWind” was a junior high school student, she was impressed by the TV show of the “Grammy Award Ceremony”.

“There is an energy in the music that in an instant it encourages and changes to the positive, even the heart of people with negative emotions!”

And she decided to be a music artist.

“SpaceWind” was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20’s.

When she was a college student, she learned how to write and compose under the producer who was the number one major seller at the time.

While working as a manager at an entertainment company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as an office lady, he continues his musical activities as an indie artist.

Currently, as a sole proprietor, he teaches self-expression, vocalization, and singing using psychology, subconscious development, brain science, and quantum mechanics.











Music has the wonderful power to
instantly turn any negative feelings
into positive feelings.


-Why am I doing music?


My father was strict, high IQ, domestic violence with male and female ideology.
I was struck and kicked because I was rebellious because I didn’t obey my father, but as he was an adult and angry with reason, my heart lost my escape.

The happening with my father that happened at the age of 11 made my relationship with my father decisively worse.

I was totally denied by my father about my own future aspirations and career path, controlled my way of life as a woman, and lived against it.

And I was afraid of being totally denied by anyone, so I stopped talking about “the most important thing”, “the first thing I want to do”, and “the first person I love”.

On the surface, I was a lively and active teenager, but I never talked about my true intentions.
The content that I always answer in voice and words became “Hiding the first hope, what I want to do second and third, what I like, and who I like”.

That’s right.
This is to protect my heart from being hurt even if someone denies or disagrees with my opinion.

One day in my second year of junior high school, I was very impressed to see the performance of the artist who won “The song of the year” at the Grammy Awards ceremony that was on the air on TV.

“This is it!”, My heart trembled with tears.

Music not only healed my negative emotions, which had lost my hope for the future, in an instant, but also gave me hope and excitement that resembled the joy of living.

I also want to be a music artist who is close to people’s hearts and impresses me like this!
It was the moment I thought.

I’ve been learning to play the piano since I was 5 years old, but since this experience, I’ve loved playing the piano and singing the most.
I couldn’t tell anyone what was most important, what I really wanted to do, but what healed my adolescent heart was music and songs.

So, after the age of 18, I started earning money by working part-time and playing as a professional musician while attending college, even though my father opposed the path of music.

Due to twists and turns, I once withdrew from my career as a performer.
However, I got a job at a music company.
While working for a music and film production company that boasts the highest sales in Japan, I continued my creative activities as a music artist, writing lyrics, composing, and recording and singing.

Life is long and many things happen.
I want to help encourage the hearts of depressed people with songs!

I would like to help people who, like myself in the past, have lost hope of living or who are sad and have negative emotions with music and songs!

With that in mind, I decided to pursue a career in music, got a job, and am still engaged in creative activities.

That’s why I want to sing to those who are disappointed that “I have no value” and “I can’t do what I love the most”.

As I grow older, the content I can put into the song grows.
I want to encourage people who are giving up doing something, saying, “I can’t do it because I’m a woman,” “I have to be strong because I’m a man,” and “I’m not young anymore, so even if I dream, I won’t be rewarded.” It is.

I also want to give someone the “courage” and “impression” that I have received from music and songs and circulate them.

And I give back to “song” by conveying the wonderfulness of “music” and the message of evolution and growth without giving up “life”.

Thanks to that, even now that I have lived half of my life and am not young anymore, with the friends I met through music and the newly born music and songs, music colors my life and becomes a part of my life expression, and I really enjoy every day.

It’s wonderful that I and you both lived on the same earth at the same time and met through music.

That’s why I chose the path of music and singing, and even now as an adult, I live with music with the conviction that “music isn’t just for young people, it’s for all generations.”

If anyone can sympathize with my feelings like this, please enjoy listening to my “ballad songs” and “pop songs”!

Since it is a music activity by a woman alone, I do not know how far I can go in this big music market and how many people will be impressed.
I will continue to grow.

Please support me by connecting your thoughts and my thoughts through my music and songs!

Thanks for reading💛







中学2年生のある日、TVでオンエアーされていたGrammy賞の授賞式でのThe song of the yearを受賞したアーティストのパフォーマンスを見て、大感動しました。























I am convinced that “music is not just for young people, it is for all generations.”


“I have no value”
“I can’t do what I love the most”
“I’m not young anymore, so even if I dream, it won’t be rewarded?”
I would like to sing songs that is close to your heart and encourages those who are giving up and those who are disappointed.


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