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SpaceWind is a ballad-type singer-songwriter who sings beautiful melodies with a magnificent arrangement and makes you cry.
The exciting ballad is the true value.

At the same time, she also sings up-tempo pop songs with a gorgeous arrangement that she is good at.

A singer-songwriter who sings “love, dreams, and hope” with the motif and theme of “universe and soul,” which goes beyond a mere love story between men and women.


“SpaceWind” learns playing piano from age 5 and vocals from age 17.

“SpaceWind” was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20’s.
Her personality was active and cheerful on the surface, but on the inside she was sometimes sentimental due to her lack of self-actualization, so the surface behaved well, but with an internally suppressed emotion grow up.

When “SpaceWind” was a junior high school student, she was impressed by the TV show of the “Grammy Award Ceremony”.

“There is an energy in the music that in an instant it encourages and changes to the positive, even the heart of people with negative emotions!”

And she decided to be a music artist.

When she was a college student, she learned how to write and compose under the producer who was the number one major seller at the time.

While working as a manager at an entertainment company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as an office lady, he continues his musical activities as an indie artist.

Currently, as a sole proprietor, he teaches self-expression, vocalization, and singing using psychology, subconscious development, brain science, and quantum mechanics.