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Music World View of ”ZONE!”
How the song ”ZONE!” was born?

Do you know the psychological term “Zone”?
Also known as the “Flow” state.

Flow is characterized by a feeling of complete immersion and energetic concentration in what humans are doing at the time, completely absorbed, and the process succeeds in vigor.

It refers to the mental state of an activity like that.

Also known as zones, peak experiences, selflessness, and forgetfulness.

Advocated by psychologist Chixent Mihaly, the concept is widely controversial across all disciplines.

Quote from Wikipedia

I spent most of my teens and early twenties as extracurricular activities other than “study” and “music” in “swimming” and “synchronized swimming (now artistic)”.

After that, by devoting myself to “Masters Swimming” in my early thirties when I became a member of society, I made a swimming a spring to overcome stress in work, family, and relationships, and marked a turning point in my life.
Indeed, I thoroughly trained and moved the “body” other than the head and mind.

What became this “spring” was a “negative interpretation” of my youth age that “I couldn’t realize myself with music and songs.”
By devoting myself to “Masters swimming as an alternative to music,” I was able to dispel the so-called “Moyamoya feelings” of my heart.

※Moyamoya means “Feelings of absent-mindedness” in Japanese.
feel confused, have a lump in one’s heart

Since I was really serious about it, I was able to achieve an “individual national victory” in “a certain kind of competition” by age.
At that time, I concentrated on swimming in the pool.
Tens to hundreds of meters experience was exactly what was called a “zone”.

What it looks like is that “every time I lift my face out of the water to breathe, I hear the voice of the crowd cheering at the stadium” is surprisingly clear and clear, and I was swimming “integrated with the venue”.

For only a short time, I was just involuntarily swimming in the water in an energy state that was integrated with the waves of the atmosphere of the venue and the sense of presence.
And the overhead electric bulletin board that I touched and looked up at the goal …

I was the winner.
It was an experience of “a state of affairs” where I was able to “sublimate” the inner and outer energies that I couldn’t realize myself in my favorite field “Music” by struggling with various things until I was really in my thirties.

I’m not conscious of “I won the championship with my own ability!”
I was just taken to a wave of energy that was purely integrated with the venue and I was able to win! I felt that.
It was the moment when I realized that luck would come down when I was conscious of being integrated with the place.

This zone condition is addictive! I tried to enter the “zone” again, but I could not reproduce it easily.
I have also experienced that it is difficult for anyone to intentionally unify the mind and body with the venue and the people around them.

If you were an athlete, you could reach a peak in the Olympic national selection tournament, and if you can reproduce the national record in the actual Olympics again, it will be a gold medal, but it will not go well.
It’s easy for me to imagine that even the top athletes in the world wouldn’t be able to make adjustments and reach the ZONE territory.

On top of that, only one gold medal can be won, so I think that the adjustment of the mental and physical skills in the top class is based on great efforts including mental coaching and eating habits.

People can demonstrate their unexpected abilities when they are involuntarily and enthusiastically entering the boundaries of such “zones” and working and acting.

My meditation mentor is Mr. Shiro Tenge (former senior managing director of Sony and the developer of AIBO, CD, and workstation NEWS).
Mr. Tenge has published many easy-to-understand books that scientifically elucidate spirituality, but Sony at the time of its founding also wrote a drama in which a miracle happened to the development team that entered the “zone” or “flow” state. ..

To that extent, the state of innocence and selflessness of human beings is an area where “something can be caused”.
After experiencing the zone in SpaceWind’s own sports, by challenging “music and song” again, the lyrics of this song “ZONE!” appeal to the inner expression that one day it will become a zone and overcome it.

On the sound design side, it is a light and up-tempo rock-like danceable pop song.
It’s a song not included in the album, but at the live concert, I put it in the song list and sing it happily.
I’m really looking forward to hearing this song at SpaceWind’s concert and dancing with you someday!



フロー(英: flow)とは、人間がそのときしていることに、完全に浸り、精力的に集中している感覚に特徴づけられ、完全にのめり込んでいて、その過程が活発さにおいて成功しているような活動における、精神的な状態をいう。
















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