◆ [Chakra Voice Psychology] What is the power of chakras to understand the “now” by realizing your wishes?

Are you already learn “quantum mechanics”
or already understood to a considerable level?

Did you already learn it?

For example, if you are familiar with quantum mechanics,
you already knew the theory is that the flow of time “past, present, future” is an “illusion”.

Roughly speaking:

I’m/you’re in the past.
1 second after, I am also in now.
1 second after, I’m in the future.
1 second after, we’re in the past again.

It can be said that time is flowing from the future.

It has a free concept that is not tied to time.

That’s because the movement of elementary particles is “yes”.

I guess there are also many people who thinks about “What is quantum mechanics?”.
What are elementary particles?

The reason is…

In living a general life,
That’s because this kind of knowledge that you don’t need at all.

But if you are “now” and have an ideal future image that you want to realize,

and if you have an exciting desire through many years of dreams,

Please continue reading this blog post as it is.


This is “SpaceWind” the singer-songwriter in Tokyo, Japan.

By the way, today’s blog article is
[◆ [Chakra Voice Psychology] What is the power of chakras to understand the “now” by fulfilling their wishes? ].

What exactly is “now”?
What exactly is “eternity”?

What is the “future”?
What is the “past”?
What is “this moment”?

The “concept of time” begins to change.

If the “concept of time” changes
It makes it easier for you to fulfill your wishes.

◆ It doesn’t work because you’re dragging the “past”.

If I write long sentences in a row,
Perhaps it makes you to misinterpret…

I will go smoothly.

Which of the following is your concept of time?

☑ Past → Present → Future
It is flowing in one direction.


☑ Only the moment of now is unevenly distributed.

People who see and hear the latter concept of “B” for the first time cannot immediately understand “what?”

Einstein said:

The concept of time sequence of “past, present, future” is an illusion.

Elementary particles exist anywhere and at any time.

More specifically, elementary particles are not “fixed”.
There is no “time sequence”.

It is the “consciousness” of human beings that “fixes” the monogoto and even “attaches” it.

● What am I talking about?

Our body is made up of aggregates of elementary particles.

PCs, smartphones and TVs are also made of elementary particles.
Both plants and animals.

At first glance, the invisible, tasteless, odorless, transparent “air”
is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and a gas called argon.

Numerator and atom are aggregates of elementary particles, aren’t they?

That is, we are now
On the sofa at home, “now and here”,

Memories of elementary school
Ideal image and fantasy of the future

You can fly with consciousness, right?

Your body is on the sofa at home
Consciousness is flying to the past and future, isn’t it?

So what is consciousness?

I mean …

For details, let’s take my lesson course …

Roughly speaking

Only this moment of “now” exists “always”,
What if “now” is “forever”?

“Which consciousness do you choose?”
What if it lasts forever?

・ Some people continue to select the “now” of the “world where the other person (self) is not allowed” as the “conscious world” to be selected.

・ Some people in the world continue to choose “now” to forgive the other person and allow their actions.

・ Some people in the world continue to choose “now” to remain happy no matter what happens.

・ I can do it! Some people in the world continue to choose “now” to make their dreams come true.

That’s what it means ~ ♪

● Question 1!
Which of the following consciousness do you choose?


The “consciousness” selected “now” is the “happiness consciousness”
Then, beyond that “now”
“Happiness consciousness” spreads “forever”,

You yourself are in the world of “happiness”
What if you could continue to be a resident of that “happiness” world?


The “consciousness” selected “now” is the “consciousness that was trapped in the past and dragged by the thoughts of the past.”

“At that time, my dad was a person who just scolded me severely, so I will not forgive him for the rest of my life.”
“At that time, my wife / husband was ●●, so it didn’t work.”
Because you have a conscious habit of choosing such things

What if you become a resident of a world where the “now” of “the consciousness of the feelings dragged in the past” lasts forever?


I am …
I have been unconsciously continuing ② for quite some time.

Without knowing that it was a choice of “moment” and “moment”.

Right now, I don’t even get lost and only have “①”!

Everyone is trying every moment …


● Question 2!

The moment of “the world of consciousness selection” called “now” is visited and disappeared every second over and over again in life.

Depending on which consciousness you choose “now”, the “world of consciousness that follows” is always expanding.

If the “new concept of time” is true …

What kind of “world of consciousness” do you choose, “now” that you always visit as a choice?

for example,

● The past is the past.

Any past depends on my interpretation.

You can change your evaluation depending on your interpretation.

Since I am the “now” of “the self that appears every moment”, I choose “the happy consciousness of being born” and live in the “world of the happy consciousness zone” with a fresh feeling.

I don’t choose “I feel unpleasant because I have something unpleasant”.

I will never drag the feeling that I will not forgive because I am “a person who has done / done something unpleasant”.

Anyone can smile when things are going well!

It’s natural to be grateful because there was something good.

I will continue to be able to find gratitude so that I can move on to the “next step” even if I don’t like it.

This is because the true value of a person is determined by how to act next and what kind of consciousness world to choose when “when things go wrong”.

I’m the one who drags the unpleasant things “forever”, and there is no time to say “forever”.

On the contrary, I can focus on what I like and what is wonderful, and find and choose forgiveness, love, and gratitude for anything!

I don’t let my emotions mess with the external factors of what happened!

I know that the continuous consciousness of “now” choices is only “forever”, so I won’t make boring choices!

Independent I make wise choices!

I will continue to proactively choose to be happy “now” at every moment, regardless of “external circumstances that an unpleasant event has occurred”.

I can do it!


Do you choose the above conscious world
and spend every moment, now, today, every day ~?

●Now, let’s talk about the music artist SpaceWind.

Currently, I’m planning two promotional videos, and every week I have discussions and am working with cameramen and cinematographers on specific content such as stories, screenplays, and so on.

Immediately after the beginning of November, we will shoot the first shot.
I’m planning to produce several versions of the video for each song.

Please look forward to what it will be like.

It’s not just a video of shooting a singing scene.

My areas of expertise are psychology, subconscious rewriting, quantum mechanics and elementary particles, and the unconscious, so it’s about the secrets of living happily.
It will be a unique and interesting video that other artists will not mention.

I am currently studying neuroscience and cognitive science.

And the other is to create a story video that will be enlightening to “fundamentally solve the traumatic feelings between parents and children”.

I became aware of the importance of the subconscious mind because of my functional dysphonia, and have continued to reform myself for more than 10 years.
Now, every day I realize that I was able to transform myself considerably.

Based on my true story, I write the script myself, prepare some storyboards, and proceed.
The “event that triggered me to forgive my father” is also revealed.
And it doesn’t end with sympathy for me alone, but I also add an episode that makes me sympathize with why my father was so strict and male-dominated.

It will take several months, but we are working with the excellent staff to shoot.
Please look forward to it.

We are also looking for people to support SpaceWind, an individual artist.

I will continue to convey beautiful melodies and wonderful spirituality through music so that I can give you courage, excitement, and love.

Please support me!

See you again ♪

With lots of love from “SpaceWind”.


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