“Now and Forever” in English / Worldwide release coming soon.

October, 7th, 2020

💛I Challenged to sing the song “Now and Forever” in English. Worldwide release coming soon.

💛楽曲『Now and Forever』の英語歌唱にチャレンジしました。近日世界発売します。

●May 12th, 2024 at 19:00 (Japan time), I released the short video of [Now and Forever in English Version]’s “Project Earth Rise” on Youtube!

On Youtube and during promotions, I release a short version of the song “Now and Forever”, which is cut to 4 minutes and 12 seconds, which is just the first song and the last chorus repeated.
However, the original song “Now and Forever” has a second verse, and the full length is “about 6 minutes and 10 seconds” and is a gorgeous arranged song.

The 59-second short video that will be released tonight shows the second chorus, “#2 Chorus,” which you can only enjoy if you purchase it, so please enjoy listening to it.

●<What is the song “Now and Forever”?>

It is a masterpiece that was released in the summer-autumn period of 2019 and reached number 4 on the American world radio chart despite being sung in Japanese.
I have finally decided to record the “English version” and release it to the world.

“Now and Forever” Music Video, which is cut to 4 minutes and 12 seconds on Youtube COMING SOON!

Let’s enjoy the arranged sounds that make use of my Japanese identity and decorate the sounds of “the koto, shakuhachi, and small drums of japanese traditional instruments” like twinkling stars.

●<What is Earth Rise? >

This is the title of the video of “The beautiful blue earth rising from the desert horizon of the gray moon”, which people on earth who have entered the space age could only see by becoming astronauts.
When we, living on Earth, look up at the sky and “look up at the sun,” we say “Sun Rise.”
Seen from space and from aliens outside the Earth, the Earth rises in a beautiful blue color, and the Earth floats.
Seeing such wonderful images makes me want to preserve our beautiful Earth for future generations.
The song “Now and Forever” was created after seeing the “Earth Rise video” sent to Earth by the artificial satellite “KAGUYA” launched by JAXA.
Both Japanese and English lyrics subtitles are included in the short video.
Let’s enjoy it together!

And I will soon be releasing the music video for [Now and Forever-English Version], which is around 4 minutes and 12 seconds from the main full version story.
The short video we are releasing today is a preview of it.
Delivering to 8 billion people around the world!

From SpaceWind
With love

●2024.5.12(日)19時00分(日本時間)、Youtubeで【Now and Forever/英語歌唱バージョン】の”Project Earth Rise”ショート動画を公開しました!

Youtubeや、プロモーション時には、「Now and Forever」という楽曲のショートバージョン=1番の歌と、最後のサビの繰り返しだけの「4分12秒」にカットした、ショートバージョンを公開しています。
が、本来の「Now and Forever」という楽曲には、2番が存在し、フル尺は「6分10秒あまり」の豪華な構成の楽曲なんです。

今夜公開する59秒のshort動画は、購入しなければ堪能できない「#2 Chorus」である2番のサビを公開していますので、楽しんで聴いてくださいね。

●<楽曲【Now and Forever】とは?>



●<Earth Riseとは?>

地球に住む私たちが、空を見上げて「太陽を見上げる」とき、「Sun Rise」と言いますよね。
JAXAが打ち上げた人工衛星「家具屋」が地球に送ってきた「Earth Riseの映像」を見て感動して出来上がった曲が『Now and Forever』です。


そして、もう間もなく「本編の4分12秒前後」の【Now and Forever-English Version】のミュージックビデオを公開します。


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