『Now and Forever』English Version MV shooting and recording

『Now and Forever』の英語バージョンのミュージックビデオの撮影は、去る4月上旬に日本の南伊豆の海辺で行いました。



【Now and Forever】English Version-#3 Chorus #shorts , #jpop , #zeropointfield ,

The English version of the music video for “Now and Forever” was shot on the beach in Minamiizu, Japan in early April.

The Izu Peninsula is close to Tokyo and is relatively warm, so it faces the Pacific Ocean and has unique geological formations, making it a tourist destination with stunning scenery.

In southern Izu, I wore my favorite red kimono remade dress and also changed my costume once more to challenge myself to “show off my beautiful legs!”
so I hope you enjoy my costumes in the music video!

【Now and Forever】English Version-#3 Chorus #shorts , #jpop , #zeropointfield ,

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